Sunday, May 23, 2004

Great Wall

Robina and I visited the Great Wall. We went to a less crowded stretch of the wall at Mutianyu in order to avoid the coach-loads of tourists at the more famous Badaling stretch. It was a beautiful day, sunny and breezy so it was not too hot.

At first we didn't buy the cable car tickets, thinking that we could easily climb up to the wall from the foothills. but we were out of breath by the time we reach the entrance. Really out of practise from the Macrithie Bukit Timah Hill briskwalks! we coughed up S$10 each for the cable car ride, actually more like ski lift! we were glad of our wise decision when we saw the actual climb involved. the money was worth it, not to mention the marvellous view.

This particular stretch was constructed in the Ming Dynasty. The immense scale of the wall was staggering, to actually see the meandering battlements stretching from ridgeline to ridgeline. You can almost imagine the engineering skills and sacrifice in terms of human lives and time involved.


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