Friday, May 14, 2004

Goose pimples

I was watching a documentary on the Chechen rebellion when the Soviet (or rather Russian) national anthem was played during the credits. Although I don't understand Russian, hearing the rousing Soviet anthem never fails to give me goose pimples. I first heard it years ago when the Red Army Chorus performed in Singapore. The movie "Hunt for Red October" also provided an onscreen rendition.

The hymn was oficially adopted as a national hymn of the Soviet Union in 1944. The music was composed by A. V. Aleksandrov (1883 - 1946), the lyrics were written by Sergey Mikhalkov and G.G. El-Registan. The lyrics were revised in 1977 removing Stalin's name. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia adopted a new National Anthem without any lyrics but the people was not enthusiastic about it. In 2000, the Russian government gave in. The melody of the old Soviet anthem was retained but new lyrics were written.

Another piece of music that has the same effect on me is "Scotland the brave" in bagpipes. It makes me yearn for the Scottish highlands and lochs and wave a claymore wildly...


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