Friday, April 16, 2004

Sally at the vet

brought Sally to Animal Clinic at Sunset Way yesterday for her annual checkup and booster shots. as usual she was very curious in the waiting room but was scared shitless once in the vet examination room. once we out her on the stainless steel table (a standard fixture at all vet clinics), she knew something was wrong and tried to scramble up to us. The vet was very nice and pronounced Sally to be very healthy. Sally is now 9.4kg and slightly fatter than her usual 8kg since her last vet visit.

we had to hold Sally for the vaccination jabs. she kena two shots in the butt. this was quite unlike Sally's previous experience in Taiwan. she used to be jabbed in the scruff of the neck. but she took the shots without a yelp unlike her previous injections.

met a 17-year old dog at the vet. in human terms, he must be about 120! although the dog has cataracts but his fur was in beautiful condition and still has enuff teeth. a miniature pinshcer came in with a slight lame. another terrier had a running sore on the head. all the owners had a fun time commiserating with each other's suffering.


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