Saturday, April 24, 2004

night of no bites

we were at the seaside opposite Coney Island last night with a bunch of Punggol neighbours and dog owners for a spot of fishing! It's a relatively short distance from our Punggol flats but what a difference it was to enjoy the cool sea breeze and casting the lines (think "Legends of the Fall"). sadly, the fishing enthusiasts didn't have much luck bcos of the strong current and rising tide. Another angler was there with his family. he had a good night ending up with 18 flower crabs!

we brought our dogs for a night out too! they had a fun time rolling on the grass, chewing things of dubious origins, barking at the resident pariah dogs and collecting spiky seeds in their fur. their owners had to improvise mosquito coils with rolled up newspapers to ward off sandflies and mossies! big mistake to forget coil and repellent! but in all, I think all everyone had an pleasant time spending a friday night by the sea...


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