Sunday, April 04, 2004

Horseshoe Crab on the menu

just came back from seafood lunch with my parents and in-laws at Turf City (the former Turf Club at Bukit Timah). they have a central seafood market (Unique Seafood) that supplies the nearby seafood restaurants and casual buyers. apart from local seafood mainstays like Sri Lankan crabs, tua tau clams (Glauconome), tiger prawns, Soon Hock gobby, Patin catfish, groupa, assorted spiny lobsters from Oz and local waters; they also have more exotic items like geoduck clams, live abalone from South Africa, Canadian oysters, Alaskan King crabs (some kind of spider crab), Snow crabs and King crabs from Australia (deep-water crab species).

Robina said that they all seemed to sense their fate...(that observation didn't affect her appetite though)

Interestingly, saw 2 tanks with live Horseshoe Crabs. I asked a lady I/C about the name and way the horseshoe crabs are prepared. She told me that it's called "Hard-shelled Fish" and it's eaten for its roe/eggs, presumably steamed. Maybe Fiona and Siva can have a post-project makan there...


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