Sunday, March 21, 2004

thanks for the mammaries...

just read Andy Ho's article "Boob creams and pills are just a bust" in ST. he must been too "shian" with writing informative but straight-laced articles about bird flu and SARS. very amusing though, he went whole hog with the puns and wry observations.

he basically "bust" the myth of breast enhancement creams and gadgets like vacuum pumps. In theory, oestrogen loaded creams might work as long as it is applied. but since most creams have low dosage of oestrogen, u might as well be rubbing salsa. on the other hand, slapping on creams chock-full of oestrogen can predispose one to cancer.

I noticed that for a period, tabloids in S'pore like Streats, Today and TNP were flooded with ads for boob enhancement salons and various brands of magic wonder lotion. Every page u flipped, you will get two papayas or melons thrust in your face. there was no escape from the ads claiming au naturel products and "sure got results" guarantees. thankfully, the trend seems to have tapered off.


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