Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Teresa Teng underground

Robina and I was in Taipei from 4-8 Mar. just came back last evening.

I was rushing to meet her and a bunch of friends at a karaoke near our hotel. I was taking a shortcut via the Underground Mall (like our City Link) through the MRT line. even though I was force-marching, I jammed my brakes when I heard this wonderful singing voice. At first, I thot it was a Teresa Teng CD but it was actually a blind girl busking along the MRT mall. If u closed your eyes, you could even imagine that Teresa Teng was resurrected and singing live! She was that good! a small crowd has gathered to listen to her and clapped when she finished her Teresa Teng cover. The Taiwanese reverred Teresa and expect a high standard from anyone covering her songs.

After the karaoke session, I dragged Robina and a few friends to listen to the blind girl (for a more positive demonstration in singing!) They also agreed that she was great. We donated a couple of bucks into the box.


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