Thursday, March 18, 2004

Tekong lock-down!

seems like not only wild boar, elephants and otters swim across from Johor! wild criminals are coming our way as well.

there is now a massive manhunt on Pulau Tekong for 3 armed robbers, suspected to be Indonesians. they are armed and dangerous and fled from Johor after committing 2 armed robberies. according to lastest TV news, 700 SAF soldiers, Gurkhas and police are searching for the 3 men who are armed with a pistol and pump action gun. the search is now being extended into the night.

I think all those recruits are cheering bcos all military training has been cancelled since morning and they are confined indoors. but for the fugitives, watch out for the wild boars that infest Tekong.

Since the Police Coast Guard had built the fence on the north coast of Pulau Ubin to stop illegals from landing, who knows, maybe Tekong might get its own fence now.


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