Monday, March 15, 2004

New Planet in Solar System!

hear ye, hear ye! apparently a new planet has been discovered in our celestial backyard, the solar system. Sedna will be the 10th planet beyong Pluto. this probably means another name for school kids to remember in science class and new textbooks next year. at the moment, this is not official yet. Sedna is still classified as an Unusal Solar Object. Dr. Michael Brown, associate professor of planetary astronomy, California Institute of Technology, will present his discovery of the most distant object ever detected orbiting the sun today on 15 March. I bet there's some cobweb-covered organisation that registers planets.

well, all I wanna ask is that was someone slacking off? while we were searching for other planets in distant star systems (I think they found about close to 100), we'r missing one of our own. duh??? even then, this discovery will be disputed by those who do not even consider Pluto as a proper planet. more arguments and fist-fights between astronomers of opposing camps


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