Wednesday, March 24, 2004

dog food kills

The maker of Pedigree dog food finally admitted and apologised yesterday for poisoning pet dogs in South-east Asia with contaminated products and blamed toxins caused by mould at its Thai factory.

I tracked this story earlier this month when reports emerged in Taiwanese press that more than 100 dogs reportedly fell ill and about 30 others had died from kidney after eating Pedigree in Taiwan. Effem Foods dismissed the reports as rumors at that time and has offered to spend NT$1 million to find a scientific explanation for the dogs' illness and death.

Earlier this month, Effem recalled Pedigree dry dog food, Whiskas dry cat food and dog treat products manufactured at the Thai plant and sold in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. At that time, they still claimed that it was a voluntary recall and that their products were safe.

The story was picked up in ST and about 10 dog owners called up ST about their dogs becoming sick after eating Pedigree. The AVA last week took samples of the dog food for testing after three dog owners complained that their pets had died after eating it.

It was only after an investigation conducted by a panel of specialists from the US, Europe and Asia, that the pet food manufacturer concluded that the toxins were produced by mould found in an auxiliary bulk storage system for rice and corn at the factory in Thailand.

I wonder how they can compensate all those dogs that died (give u more dog food?). just talked to one fellow dog owner tonight. her friend's beagle had died after eating Pedigree. if this was the US, the company will get sued until bankrupt!

luckily Sally had never ate Pedigree since she was a puppy. that was because it was widely known amongst pet owners that this brand is cheap but very salty. dogs love it because of the salt but it was not healthy for them.


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