Friday, February 13, 2004

relak in DC

finally got internet access! at Appleshop at the shopping mall near my hotel. the hotel access was quite dodgy. managed to hook up on Sunday but past few days cannot. makan my US$3 some more!

LAX was quite lacking in terms of facilities. was looking for a hot shower after a 14h flight but can't find any. the F&B area was quite sad but still got Jap and Asian food.

US customs was a breeze. our whole group did not kena open luggage at all. but our Indian colleage kena a thorough scan. most likely racial profiling. one Indian Customs office did ask us if we brought instant noodles (jokingly). he must have seen a lot of Singaporeans.

loading up on black and white M&Ms, double-stuffed Oreos to bring back. was told to buy Hersey Symphony chocolates. suppose to be very good. everything in the supermarkets are industrial sized. potato chip bags come in like 5kg! macham like buy rice!

food in DC area surprising cosmopolitan. there are Thai, Chinese, Lebanese makan joints and groceries nearby. had lunch at a Lebanese joint today. the rice was exactly like briyani. tears of joy!

planning a raid at the factory outlet (Potomac Mills) this saturday. going for Timberland, Levis etc. as usual the ladies are going bananas at the prospects of shopping. guys still got a grip.

the weather has been quite good while we'r here in DC area. past few weeks were snowing. there are still dregs and patches of snow still around. but daytime temp has been around 3-5C. today's slightly colder, with poss of slight snow.


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