Thursday, February 05, 2004

coming to America

heading to US for a training course for two weeks on Saturday. apparently eastern US has been seized in the Ice Age. the temperature plummeted to -20C a few weeks ago. thankfully, it has improved somewhat. but still remains around a few degrees above and below zero.

bought a sub-zero winter jacket from Cold Wear in Plaza Singapura the other day, plus thermal underwear. now I just need to get a grass-cutter type of balaclava (also used by banks robbers!). that sort of ski mask that covers your face if rolled down, or can become a cap if rolled up. have to dig up my leather gloves and trench coats (got one ala Matrix style!) from storage.

also loaded up with bak kwa for a friend in DC. planning to meet up with my classmates Dawn and Desmond. my hons classmate, Desmond is studying in the States now. another key mission is to load up on DVDs (especially of TV series), LEVI's jeans and Timberland clothing.

hopefully, there's internet connection at the hotel. then I can continue my posts from the US. stay tuned for more transmissions...


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