Friday, February 13, 2004

relak in DC

finally got internet access! at Appleshop at the shopping mall near my hotel. the hotel access was quite dodgy. managed to hook up on Sunday but past few days cannot. makan my US$3 some more!

LAX was quite lacking in terms of facilities. was looking for a hot shower after a 14h flight but can't find any. the F&B area was quite sad but still got Jap and Asian food.

US customs was a breeze. our whole group did not kena open luggage at all. but our Indian colleage kena a thorough scan. most likely racial profiling. one Indian Customs office did ask us if we brought instant noodles (jokingly). he must have seen a lot of Singaporeans.

loading up on black and white M&Ms, double-stuffed Oreos to bring back. was told to buy Hersey Symphony chocolates. suppose to be very good. everything in the supermarkets are industrial sized. potato chip bags come in like 5kg! macham like buy rice!

food in DC area surprising cosmopolitan. there are Thai, Chinese, Lebanese makan joints and groceries nearby. had lunch at a Lebanese joint today. the rice was exactly like briyani. tears of joy!

planning a raid at the factory outlet (Potomac Mills) this saturday. going for Timberland, Levis etc. as usual the ladies are going bananas at the prospects of shopping. guys still got a grip.

the weather has been quite good while we'r here in DC area. past few weeks were snowing. there are still dregs and patches of snow still around. but daytime temp has been around 3-5C. today's slightly colder, with poss of slight snow.

Monday, February 09, 2004

finally reached DC

now at hotel after 14hr flight from S'pore, 8hr layabout at LAX and 4hr flight from LA to DC. presently trying to stay a wake to beat jet lag.

went out to the mall with the gang. discovered that the DVDs are cheaper to buy from Amazon. went to check at Towers and other DVD stores. will see if got cheaper elsewhere. got orders for Sex in the City, Babylon 5 etc

also discover that American portions are huge. realise must order regular size! the medium latte and coke is the large size compared to S'pore version.

now quite stoned. will still try to watch grammy's later on CBS. might check out the hotel pool and gym.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

coming to America

heading to US for a training course for two weeks on Saturday. apparently eastern US has been seized in the Ice Age. the temperature plummeted to -20C a few weeks ago. thankfully, it has improved somewhat. but still remains around a few degrees above and below zero.

bought a sub-zero winter jacket from Cold Wear in Plaza Singapura the other day, plus thermal underwear. now I just need to get a grass-cutter type of balaclava (also used by banks robbers!). that sort of ski mask that covers your face if rolled down, or can become a cap if rolled up. have to dig up my leather gloves and trench coats (got one ala Matrix style!) from storage.

also loaded up with bak kwa for a friend in DC. planning to meet up with my classmates Dawn and Desmond. my hons classmate, Desmond is studying in the States now. another key mission is to load up on DVDs (especially of TV series), LEVI's jeans and Timberland clothing.

hopefully, there's internet connection at the hotel. then I can continue my posts from the US. stay tuned for more transmissions...

Sunday, February 01, 2004

GR search: finale

over a series of SMS exchange, Stephanie told me how they tracked the wandering GR to a aquarium fish shop along Upp Bukit Timah Rd (I know that place!). apparently, the fish shop boss is the GR's owner! the GR was not abandoned afterall. the owner was shifting house and brought the GR to hang around the shop. Steph told me that altho the GR was very skinny it was quite happy.

I was glad to know that the dog was not lost or abandoned, but the owner was quite something to let the dog wander around the HDB estate. now Steph is looking for the black dog!

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