Wednesday, January 07, 2004


just a thot. looking at the buddhist concept of cause and effect, could the whole string of "calamities" that hit the world since last year, ranging from SARS, BSE in US, unsafe mercury levels in fish be nature's backlash to man's screwing up the global environment. to put it crudely, how can u not expect to fall sick if u have been piling rubbish and shitting in your own front yard!

are we indeed reaping what we sow? from consuming exotic wildlife (SARS has been linked to civet cats, hog badgers and racoon dogs), grinding up farm animals to feed other farm animals, feeding diary calves "artificial milk" made up of powdered cow blood and burning fossils fuels (that released methyl mercury into the environment. as the ultimate consumer in the food chain, all these harmful effects finally boomerang onto us.

remember Agent Smith's disgust at "humans" in the Matrix? are we a virus that infects the earth and plunder its resources in order to replicate?


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