Saturday, January 03, 2004

Open Mob

activated at 2pm. reached my camp at 3pm. told to bugger off at 4pm. extraordinary efficiency, I must say! if u have been watching TV, listening to the radio or was in the movies this afternoon, u would have seen/heard the mobilisation announcements.

compared to previous mobilisations when everyone had to wait for the whole bleddy unit to show up before being released, this first-in first-out system rewards those who report early. I was actually prepared for the long haul. brought in a book (a thick one at that!). loaded up on one-dollar coins for the vending machines. a can of iced coffee or coke is a must during these long waits.

u should see the faces of those who just showed up when we happily left camp!

while no one wants to come back to camp on a saturday afternoon, it was good to see familiar faces and exchange news. but everyone was glad to be with their family and frens ASAP.


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