Sunday, January 11, 2004

now Salmon also cannot eat??!!

more good news folks! another food scare in the offing. results from a paper in the scientific journal, "Science" published on 9 Jan showed that Atlantic salmon raised on fish farms in Europe have the highest concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a group of known carcinogens. salmon from fish farms in North and South America also show higher levels than wild Pacific salmon.

It says that consumption could slightly increase the risk of cancer, although also warned warned of a far wider spectrum of threats, particularly to pregnant women and young children.

what's more alarming to me is that the study recommended that consumers limit themselves to as little as a quarter-serving (one serving is approx 100g in cooked weight) per month of farm salmon from Europe, to a half-serving per month of Vancouver farm salmon, based on a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. does that mean that u should not eat more than a mouthful of farmed salmon???

now for those of u who stuffed yr face with smoked salmon, salmon fillet during x'mas buffets and parties will prob be tickling yr throats by now...

who do u know actively check food labels in supermarkets to see whether yr salmon came from Canada, Norway or NZ. or if the mince beef, sukiyaki beef came from US, NZ, Oz or Brazil. or whether the Orange Juice carton to see if it's "pure OJ", "made from real oranges", reconsituted from concentrate etc (now that's another story, don get me started!)

well, u better start reading labels. u can check the web for more info on food safety, food additives. quite a few consumer groups and NGOs have been campaigning for donkey years for more stringent food safety standards.

I think even the phrase "living on sunshine and fresh air" will become invalid. too much UV in sunshine, no more fresh air due to pollution. red meat cannot eat, white meat also got problems (chicken got salmonella bacteria, fish got mercury or PCB).

veggies might not be entirely safe (pesticides residue or GM implications). used to visit Cameron Highlands where most of veggies Singapore imports come from. u can see that the farmers keep their own plots of veggies for their own consumption. these they don whack with pesticides!!! but over the years, Singapore consumers (more specifically, the aunties and housewives) have become more savvy. they now look for caterpillar bites and damage on the leafy greens. if have, then it means no pesticides.


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