Wednesday, January 28, 2004

GR rescue

while going to work yesterday morning in my colleague's car, we spotted two dogs wandering amongst traffic at the junction of Bukit Panjang Rd and Pending Rd. one was a Golden Retriever (male, w/o collar, looks emaciated and skinny); the other is a black local crossbreed (female with a black collar).

the GR was wandering aimlessly on the busy road, a recipe for disaster. my colleague and I got off the car to try to get them off the road and if possible bring them to our office. all that time, my mind was running thru the possible ways of dealing with a GR. can we dump the dog with a colleague (our resident shrink has 2 jack russells)? if I bring it home will Sally flip?

unfortunately, the GR was very shy. even though I managed to pet it for a while, it scooted off when I tried to catch hold of it. the GR was following the black dog and the two dogs were last seen crossing Bukit Panjang Rd.

although the GR looks skinny, I knew it would be picked up and kept by someone. my only worry was that the dogs might be run over by cars. I suspect that GR was abandoned, especially since this is the CNY holiday season.

activated Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) when I got back to office. Jen Ong, their volunteer responded quickly and promised to circulate the APB. I also posted an alert on the ASD list. one of their members mailed me later that she lives in the area and will keep a look out.

this is the second time in recent memory that I had to attempt a rescue amongst on rushing traffic. the previous instance was trying to rescue a kitten from becoming roadkill on Ghim Moh Rd. the kitten was frantic and I myself was trying to dodge cars! two cars even drove over the kitten w/o flattening it. I managed to toss my camo scarf over the kitten to calm it and avoid to scratched to ribbons. then caught hold of the kitty and made it safely offroad.


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